ShibariKalahari – Chloe’s Revenge

Despite Sangini’s warnings, Chloe decides to return to her house in search of money, and at the same time take revenge!

The film with Chloe’s first visit, in which she suffered a complete defeat and had to leave after a difficult interrogation, can be seen here:

This time Chloe prepared much better. She wanted to teach Sangini a lesson for her humiliation and take revenge. She sneaks into the actress’s house and grabs her. She bondage her for interrogation. This time Chloe tickles and interrogates Sangini with the same devices that were previously used against her. But her confidence that she would be able to get information from Sangini, where she kept the money, began to fade. The actress openly enjoys her punishment and says that she is ready to stay lije this all night! Perhaps high frequency will make her talk? What will Chloe do? Her idea will be successful, but the film does not end there and a sequel awaits you.
Enjoy watching!

Length: 36:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Chloe’s Revenge

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