Tender Lia was interested in Tickling and shared that she would like to try it. She admitted that she is very afraid of tickling, but for some reason she sees something seductive for her in it. We agreed to try it. Lia was very worried because she didn’t know how everything would happen and how she would feel. And we decided to go all the way and show our gentle actress how orgasmic tickling can be for her. Let’s see how much she can let herself go and what pleasure she gets! We fixed her tightly with her legs spread wide open. Now her entire body is completely available for play. Starting with the most gentle touches, we explore Lia’s entire body. She is very tender, but inside you feel such passion and thirst for something stronger that our actions becomes harder. And during the most intense tickling, we fix the vibrator on her pussy, which makes her scream loudly with pleasure and ask to continue tickling her all night!
This hot and sensual film is made in a very good FHD quality with hight bitrate.

Length: 35:09
Resolution: 1920×1080


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