SilverCherry – Ticklish Hostage

Scarlett is a twisted freak who has a fondness for pretty girls feet. At times, her urge to play with a soft pair of feminine feet is so strong, that she can easily become uncivilized in her approach to indulge herself.

While watching Freya walk by her home everyday, Scarlett was captivated by how cute Freya and her tiny feet are, and Scarlett quickly developed a strong desire to have fun with her feet. So one day, knowing that Freya is super petite, who could probably be overpowered, Scarlett made the bold move to snatch Freya right off the sidewalk as she was walking by and brought her into Scarlett’s strange home. Scarlett duct taped Freya’s hands behind her back and taped her ankles together. Then Scarlett gagged Freya to make sure she couldn’t make much noise.

We see the aftermath of Freya’s capture with Scarlett throwing bound Freya onto the bed. Scarlett wastes no time at all as she rips off Freya’s sneakers and socks. Then Scarlett begins licking Freya’s helpless feet and sucking on her toes. The feeling of Scarlett’s mouth makes Freya laugh and giggle. And that’s when Scarlett learned that Freya has very ticklish little feet!

Scarlett gets Freya’s tiny feet covered in saliva and then uses her fingers to tickle Freya’s saliva slickened feet. Freya can’t do anything about it. Scarlett continues to worship Freya’s super soft little feet, getting them wet, and then tickles them with her fingers. I’m not sure what ever happened to Freya, but it’s possible she’s still trapped inside Scarlett’s home and being tickled without mercy!

Length: 7:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

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