SimplyTickling – Kody Evans Texting Tickles with Lora Cross

Kody Evans is laying down texting on her phone with her ticklish Bare feet up in the air when Lora Cross comes in and wants to have some fun. Lora starts by lightly tickling all over Kody’s ticklish bare soles with her nails before moving onto the tickle tools. Kody does her best to hold in her laughter while shes still on her phone but it doesnt take long before Lora has Kody laughing hysterically and trying to escape her tickling fingers. Lora switches up the spots, finding better tickle spots up Kody’s legs and upperbody too.

Length: 6:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kody Evans Texting Tickles with Lora Cross

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