SimplyTickling – Lola and Lora Still want To Tickle Kody

Kody Evans, her Step-mom Lola Evans, and Lora Cross are still at the party, listening to the music and relaxing on the couch. Lora and Lola both just got finished being tickled silly playing the foot tickle game and they want revenge on ticklish little Kody! So Lora jumps behind Kody and holds her arms, letting Step-mom Lola tickle all over Kody’s bare belly, sides and armpits with her very sharp nails!! The ladies have fun tickling and teasing Kody, Lora sneaking in some rib tickles here and there while Lola tickles Kody’s nylon covered feet.

Length: 6:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lola and Lora Still want To Tickle Kody

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