StuckInTheStocks – Caryn’s Full Session, Remastered!

Caryn has always been one of my favorites if anything due to her magnificent husky laugh; she was only able to do one session because not long after that she had relationship troubles and said it probably wouldn’t be a good idea for her to come back. But she did have one long, laughter-filled session with us right after she got a cute green-toed pedicure! Here she puts her feet in the stocks and leans back and proceeds to laugh her way through fifteen solid minutes of tickle on her feather-sensitive feet! This clip has been remastered and cleaned up and is being resposted in a bigger, clearer size and at a nice discount! Check out of my favorites from the earlier days of Stuck In The Stocks!

Length: 15:46
Resolution: 960×720

Download – Caryn’s Full Session, Remastered!

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