StuckInTheStocks – Cassidy in Reverse!

StuckInTheStocks - Cassidy in Reverse!StuckInTheStocks VIP Clips StuckInTheStocks - Cassidy in Reverse!StuckInTheStocks VIP Clips

This is a view you don’t usually see of tickling around here; it’s closer to what Cassidy is seeing, or if you were standing next to the stocks while I tickle her out of her mind. I’ve been told by lees that it’s often far worse if they can see what I’m doing–the anticipation of what’s coming, or the torment of seeing what’s going to be used on the bottoms of their feet makes it WAY worse in their heads! Here Cassidy can sometimes see what’s coming if I hold it up high enough over the stocks, but often she’ll have no idea until she feels something raking across the bottoms of her feet, sending her into the stratosphere! The video from this camera was corrupted when I downloaded it, and I just recently found a way to fix it, so here it is!

Length: 8:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Cassidy in Reverse!

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