StuckInTheStocks – Morgan Meets The Claws!

Morgan is starting to enjoy being tickled, but I have to vary things up on her, just to surprise her. A bdsm friend of mine told me that the only thing worse than not knowing what's going to happen, is knowing what's going to happen, so I decided I'd tell Morgan exactly what I was going to tickle her with, and what's worse, I was going to show her. And when I waggled my fingers with the sharpened claws in front of her bound, ankle-crossed feet, she knew she was in trouble, and started with her famous whimpering! Pretty soon, she's thrashing and giggling, and her toes are curling and flexing, and she's laughing lounder than any time she's previously been in the stocks! She later told me that all she could think about was that she was being "tickled by Dracula," (it didn't help that she'd had quite a few cocktails before getting into the stocks, so her inhibitions were already at an all-time low! By the time I get around to raking the bear-claw backscratchers over her soles, she's helplessly dissolved in laughter!

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