StuckInTheStocks – Taryn 24 times 10!

The reason I call this clip ‘Taryn 24 x 10’ is because, well, Taryn has size 10 feet … but when you tickle them just right, she has a jarring climax! She discovered this “side-effect” and so I decided to tickle her until she had 24 of them! I didn’t even have to tie her down (other than tying her toes in the stocks) because well, why would she WANT to get away?! This is the b-roll footage of the first segment of the session, spiffed up and remastered. Count for yourself every time she seizes up: she’s going to laugh herself to ecstacy!

Length: 10:13
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Taryn 24 times 10!

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