TheBKTickler – Ama’s Ticklerobics

Ama has just gotten back from a long jog around the block. She’s drenched in sweat and needs to rest. Suddenly, she’s knocked out by surprise as a man in dark clothing sneaks up behind her and puts a cloth over her mouth. Ama wakes up completely nude, with articles of her clothing scattered on the floor. Her arms are stretched really high above her head, her legs and thighs wrapped in plastic, and her toes tied. The man sits in front of Ama’s huge sweaty soles and rubs a heavy amount of oil on them and begins tickling her without mercy. Ama thrashes and yells as the man gets between her toes and all over her feet. The man stands behind her and begins rubbing oil in her armpits, then proceeds to tickle her pits relentlessly. AMA tries to struggle, but her binding is far too tight. She laughs hysterically as the man digs in her ticklish, oily armpits. After a while of yelling, the man goes and grabs Ama’s sweaty socks and gags her with them. He then continues tickling her poor armpits. Will she ever escape the ticklish horror?

Length: 12:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ama’s Ticklerobics

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