TheBKTickler – Bubbles And The Foot Stocks

Quick story: bubbles and I chatted online months ago about meeting up for tickling. We Met for a quick drink and after that, did some quick car tickling. Just wanted to give her a feel of what it’s like if she ever did ever did a full-on tickle shoot with me. Months later, I reached out to her saying that it’s time to get into the stocks. She gladly agreed. She stopped and saw the stocks as she walked in the door, and she started to hyperventilate a little. But she wasn’t backing down. Once locked in, she knew there was nowhere for her to go. She looked at all the nice tickle toys, like the brushes that she knew were going to be used thoroughly on her cute soles, and knew she was gonna be in for a wild ride. I can see soles shaking in the stocks. Is it fear, excitement, or both ? Doesn’t matter. Whatever’s coming, I have faith that she’ll take it like a champ. Purchase now to see how well she took it.

Length: 18:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bubbles And The Foot Stocks

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