TheBKTickler – Fayth’s Tickle Table Debut

So Fayth is strapped to the tickle table for the first time. She made a joke asking if it was nap time.. ohhhh she wishes. It’s tickle-her-until-she’s-exhausted-enough-to-take-a-nap time! And that’s exactly what happened. Started with the belly a little and went right for her arms. She somewhat challenged to find out her tickle spots that she never told me about. Well I found one that even herself had no idea about. Her elbows.. YES! They happened to be extremely. And I took advantage of that while laughed in confusion. I yanked out the wands for wreck havoc on her armpits and necks. At that point, she was looking at the camera screaming for help. Once I got to the belly with the tickle mitts, while she was topless. she couldn’t do nothing but scream and laugh in pure silence. And the belly raspberries given to her didn’t make things any better for her. My tickle massager was used on her legs and knees and they were doing an excellent job on making her squeal. If you love my tickle table series, you’ll definitely love this one. Available now.

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fayth’s Tickle Table Debut

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