TheBKTickler – Jessika’s Tickle Table Debut

Let’s me start off by saying that Jessika is extremely ticklish. But I only found that out about her feet, but now it’s time to see how ticklish the rest of her body is. Start at the armpits… at least I tried to. When I started at the elbow she already started to clinch up. But that’s a good thing. But I finally went to the armpits, that’s when hell broke loose. But it got worse when I used to the tickle mitts on the armpits, screaming was definitely happening. Then to the midsection. She’s had a very nice toned body. I wanted to have fun with her beautiful abs… which happened to be very ticklish as well. The knuckle technique to her ribs were very effective. You know what else is effective ? An electric toothbrush to her belly button. Her upper body was paid a lot of attention to. Available now!

Length: 16:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Jessika’s Tickle Table Debut

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