TheBKTickler – Prettyfeet And The Foot Stocks

Enter Prettyfeet. A newcomer from Delaware. A half black/half Asian bomb shell with a lovely pair of size. And they will be wrecked for you today. We were supposed to meet back in philly but plans had to change. So she came to the studio to make up for it. When I deal with new people, I like to start off slow. Basically fingers to one sole and work on both with fast fingers. Which I eventually did. On soles and toes. She couldn’t scream the lord name loud enough. Especially with I whipped out the toothbrush and wand on her still using fingers. Even though she’s new, this isn’t her first being tickled, but she didn’t expect for it be this intense. But then again, she didn’t realize who she was dealing with. She gon learn today. And you’ll love seeing how she well she learned about me once you purchase this. Enjoy

Length: 12:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Prettyfeet And The Foot Stocks

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