TheBKTickler – Scarlett Venom’s Foot-stock Intro

Before meeting this lovely lady by the name of Scarlett Venom, I did my research on her past experience with tickling. Let’s just say I knew I was have some fun. If she did her research on me before we met, she would know that she was about to be in wild ride. Well at least her size 8 1/2 soles were for today. Locked in the stocks, my fingers began the torment. On one soles, she bucking all over the places, constant cackling, hair all over the place, and constantly shaking, and that was before the oil was applied. Once that happened, and fingers began putting in work again, she let out this laugh that made her sound like a bird.. almost like “KA-KAWW!” Made fun of her for a little, but I thought it was cute. More of that bird-like laughter kept going when I whipped out the tickle wands. Having them on the balls on her soles and working inbetween her toes were leaving her frantic and discombobulated. If it was like that for the wands, imagine how she reacted when I introduced her to the tickle mitts and hairbrushes. she learned that day that she was dealing with a tickle professional. Ok I’m done talking, now it’s time for you. Purchase this amazing new clip!

Length: 11:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett Venom’s Foot-stock Intro

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