TheBKTickler – The BK Santa – full body

Mrs. Claus (played by Autumn Bodell) hasn’t learned her lesson yet. Her sexy upper body needed to get some special treatment to put her in line. Her saying she’ll bake the cookies that she was supposed to bake at the beginning with ease was not convincing.. the cookies were top priority (to me.) so she had to pay for that as I started the tickling on her armpits, which happens to be very ticklish. And my long luxurious beard was affective in unleashing some tickle punishment at the moment. But my fingers were doing the most tickle damage as I went for her midsection, and that’s when I notice I hit a sweet spot. Even Mrs. claus has a safeword. But she still needed to have her lesson learned. So between going after her belly, more foot tickling because it’s fun to tickle her feet. It’s only fair to sing a nice Xmas song since it is that time of the year…. but she’s singing it while being tickled. Whether you can understand her while trying she’s trying sing, you’ll love it regardless. Here’s more festive content to see during the holidays with such an amazing model. Available now!

Length: 10:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The BK Santa – full body

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