TheBKTickler – The Tickle Trio (Fetishcon Edition) – Gypsy

The ticklish trio of Gia lovely, Summer Raez and Gypsy continues to have some fun with each other. It’s not gypsy’s turn to be put in the stocks. This is also her debut PERIOD. it’s time to find out how ticklish Gia’s bestie is. Her size 10 soles fits perfectly in my stocks. Summer and Gia was toying with her a little by slowing running her nails up and down her. The feeling was a little overwhelming for her, but it damn sure tickled. She looked like she was in shock with the slow tickles. Then they used the vibrating tools and the facial expressions were saying ALOT! Her jaw was wide open the entire time. She’s not much of a laugher, but that changed when they started getting more aggressive with their fingers. I intervened real quick with a tickle mitt and that got her going crazy. You’ll love watching the newbie get wrecked. Get part 1 NOW!

Length: 8:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Trio (Fetishcon Edition) – Gypsy

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