TheBKTickler – The Trespassing Of A Sensual Ticklish Ninja

So can somebody help me explain how I caught a ninja lurking around in my house ? I don’t know. But what I do know is that was the worse mistake she has ever made. Luckily, I snuck up behind and knocked her out. But at that moment I realized that I’m gonna have some with this 6 foot 1 ninja. While tied to the table, when she came to, she started making idle threats towards me. Another mistake to be made. That’s when I asked myself “ I wonder if she’s ticklish ?” We’re about to find out and just happen that she is. This ninja has a beautiful body. And I revealed her upper body and have some fun with.. her armpits and belly. Very ticklish.. but she saw that she wasn’t getting out of this. So she decided to embrace it to show that she will not be intimidated or broken. But I didn’t care about all that. Throughout more of the tickling, I decided to massage and worship this ninjas body. And from I can tell she was getting turned on by it… especially when I started to worship her belly. I focused on that for a while, and she was feeling like she was in heaven.. until I started the tickling again. Some more worship started happening on her armpits. And she was practically begging for more, and that’s when I decided to take that opportunity to land a kiss on her. And she kissed me right back. This is whole punishment tactic turned into nothing to pleasure for her and me. But I still had a lesson to teach her. So the tickling didn’t stop. You’ll love watching goddess Marcy as this sexy ninja ticklish Amazon get more than what she expected. Available now.

Length: 19:06
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Trespassing Of A Sensual Ticklish Ninja

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