TheBKTickler – Wrecked! Thatcat’s Full Body Tickling

The title in the video said it all…. Wrecked! That’s exactly what happened to thatcat. She wanted all the smoke in this exclusive tickle experience. Starting with the armpits. A very intense tickle spot for her.. 1 finger on each pit had her going crazy and cussing me out.. while her crazy ass was loving every minute of it. It was hard to hold her down even if she was tied up. Especially with the tickle wands. That’s where I learned she’s stronger than she looks. I went with some artificial nails but they were sharp enough to still make her lose it. Next was my favorite area to tickle… the belly and belly button. A tickle wand in her navel made her buck all over the place and I loved watching her squirm. But next was something she wasn’t ready for. Belly raspberries l! And she got some DEEP in her belly button! And again she’s crazy, so you can tell on her face that she loved it all. But this spot I went after is what pretty much did her in…. Her back. She gave permission to go after that spot. Something she shouldn’t have did because I wasn’t gonna hold back. I was on a mission to get a safe word out of her. But watch to how many times that happened.

Length: 19:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wrecked! Thatcat’s Full Body Tickling

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