TheLastLaugh – Last Laugh Ethel 2

Xort gets her turn in the stocks. She’s still wearing her black and blue zebra pajamas. She’s also wearing black and white zebra bootie slippers, which match the decorative blanket that covers the massage table’s backrest. Chaos enters the shot and quickly ditches the slippers, revealing multicolored striped socklets. She gets rid of those as well and teases Xort’s bare feet for a few moments. There’s a cut, and when we come back it is revealed that a few of Xort’s toes have been pulled back. Chaos’ head enters the shot from below, facing the camera between Xort’s feet. She reaches to the sides to tickle Xort’s feet for about a minute.

Now, Xort is a more challenging ticklee than Chaos. She requires more work to get going. So I team up with Chaos to get the most out of her. Even then, she’s not the kind of ticklee that laughs out loud a lot. That being said, her facial expressions, her squirming and the sounds that she produces clearly indicate that she is, in fact, struggling with the maddening sensations. She groans, whines, whimpers, yelps and giggles. The tickling is mostly done with fingers, but also with a comb and a couple of guitar picks.

Xort: 22, 5’4″, size 7.5
Chaos: 20, 5’2″, size 7 (other series: Othala)

Length: 9:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Last Laugh Ethel 2

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