TheTickleRoom – Abbies Nerdy Nervous First Foot Tickle!

So here we have the new “I AM NOT A NERD” Abbie. Shes totally a nerd. Mei Mei said it like 50 times that she is but tries to hide it lol. She is 23 years old with a little sass but not good since she is super ticklish on her size 8.5 soles! Now they are THICC as you see in the thumbnail. So I was pretty exhausted so I put some energy in me with an energy drink and was trying to keep up. Mei Mei was super helping as I got started. Abbie is what I call a “shock” ticklee. She is much more “what the fuck am I doing right now” in her face while fighting REALLY hard not to laugh. I get her to burst on occasion and its awesome. She laughs and giggles but ultimately her facial expressions are ALL confusion and fighting the laugh with a HUGE smile. Towards the end you can actually see her literally biting her lip holding it in.

Length: 5:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Abbies Nerdy Nervous First Foot Tickle!

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