TheTickleRoom – Alyx Bare and Breathless!

Alyxs poor feet were already wrecked in nylons but now shes toe tied, barefoot, and her upperbody is all game. Tiffany is EVIL as a tickler and is making sure Alyx KNOWS it. We start with Alyx fighting HARD but me on the armpits and Tiffany getting between those toes with the electric brush is just TOO much. Alyx is fighting really hard in this one but running completely out of steam as she can barely breath from how hard she is fighting and screaming. Tiffany is not letting her get a second that even while I adjust Alyx she starts going to town with the hand brush. Tiffany was out for VENGENACE and she got it against poor Ticklish Alyx.

Length: 5:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alyx Bare and Breathless!

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