TheTickleRoom – Ariels First Time Pt 1 “EVERYTHING TICKLES”

TheTickleRoom - Ariels First Time Pt 1 "EVERYTHING TICKLES"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Ariels First Time Pt 1 "EVERYTHING TICKLES"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Here we have our newest Tickle Room model Ariel! Or for those who know her foot Instagram arielinpinksoles. She is a STUNNING 25 year old Latina with size 8.5 feet while only being 5’2! We start as always with new comers on the interview. Now when people tell me they are ticklish I normally have low expectations and expect them to be ticklish but maybe not as crazy as they think. Well with Ariel I was VERY wrong. She is 100/10 ticklish. I tie her in my new favorite tie on the bed with arms up. The MOMENT I touch her SOFT soles she PULLS on the ties squeaking and giggling. I go really light and soft and she is IMMEDIATELY laughing and cackling. Her toes are LONG to so the toeties REALLY hold her in as I tickle her soles. The fingers are ALREADY destroying her and for those who know me know how intense it gets. I tickle her big toes and she is squealing as I tease her. Then I add a LARGE amount of my new oil based lotion so we get the best of both worlds. She has to stay still as I tickle her. I ask her if the lotion makes it worse and all she can get out is “WHAT THE FUCK OH MY GOD”. I tease her a LOT more than I normally do to people and its just so much fun. Now we get to the tools. The tooth brush gets her to giggle and wiggle but not much. Next is the vibrating brush. She giggles and screams laughing but not to bad. Now we have the red massage tool, and she is NOT a fan but ultimately it doesn’t break her. The wartenberg wheel. She enjoys it as it brings her soles back. Then she picks the toe destroyer, the mini brush. She SQUEALS into giggles. This one has her trying to get away and screaming. Now its oil and fingers. She is screaming and laughing again with such a sexy laugh. I will let the brushes and toe tickles be a surprise. But this is one AMAZING foot clip with some AMAZING looking feet you don’t wanna miss.

Duration: 19:15.120
Size: 651,138 Mb

Download – Ariels First Time Pt 1 “EVERYTHING TICKLES”

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