TheTickleRoom – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques

Bella Luxx is a beautiful insanely ticklish model which a GREAT body and one AMAZING laugh. The video starts great with Bella asking “are you gonna touch my knees?” as I start grabbing her knees to which she IMMEDIATELY responds “fuck you are”. I start with her knees and thighs and she wiggles giggling trying to get away. Then I am on to the hips and belly. I start nice and slow lightly tickling her so shes on the edge and not too intense then I do a trick I barely do with one hand. I start really slow digging my hands in with all 5 fingers placed down. It works and she giggles before I go faster and switch it up. Poor Bella is giggling and squealing when I move to her armpits and she start cackling and laughing way harder. This is one fun tickle with the awesome Bella Luxx!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques

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