TheTickleRoom – Fit Michelles INTENSE Gang Tickle Pt 1

Michelle is a SUPER fit woman who literally hits the gym daily and trains people daily. She was once a bodybuilder and still keeps her body close to that same level of fitness. Why does this matter? Well tickling her is a JOB. Its NOT easy at ALL. Its EXTREMELY difficult because its like tickling rock. So in THIS clip? I help the ladies out. They are TRYING to break Michelle and she is giggling since she has become more sensitive but the moment I stand up she immediately knows ‘fuck’. I can GET her to scream and laugh and she knows it. By the end Michelle is a hugeeee giggling mess and we are NOWHERE near done!

Length: 7:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fit Michelles INTENSE Gang Tickle Pt 1

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