TheTickleRoom – Layla Nylon Hell Pt 2 “Broken Duo”

TheTickleRoom - Layla Nylon Hell Pt 2 "Broken Duo"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Layla Nylon Hell Pt 2 "Broken Duo"TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

Ok well poor Layla just got WRECKED by Tasha but now its time to REALLY turn it up. I step in. Now Layla is TERRIFIED because this custom took pretty to long to film so I told her I was gonna TURN IT UP in this for the fan. Well….I did. I switch the angle so you get ALL Laylas face and feet. Tasha grabs one foot and I have the other. I tied the nylons to the toe ties so Layla can BARELY move and the nylons are STRETCHED so its like having a VERY thin layer of lotion ALWAYS on. I have LONG nails in this clip so Layla is SCREAMING immediately. She even tells us its 2 VERY different feelings. While Tasha attacks poor Laylas soles I start biting and then going for her toes. But then I grab my lotion and add the lotions ON TOP of the nylons. I use a LOT and my fingers FLY. Tasha follows suit. Tasha does that SUPER sexy amazing evil giggle as we BOTH go QUICK. Tasha sees my speed and MATCHES ME. Poor Layla is literally FALLING APART. She is BEGGING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO But me and Tasha use the gloves and she is a mess. I am absolutely EVIL in this clip. We rip on the middle to get to her soles and Layla is in actual TEARS. Now my camera OVER HEATED so some is missing BUT I switch camera QUICK (I was proud I did it in like 90 seconds lol) and its time to continue but now Tasha actually feels REALLY bad lmfao. I am on Laylas upperbody so intense that Layla cannot actually laugh. She is LITERALLY breathless. Tasha feels so bad she almost cannot tickle Layla anymore because of how broken Layla is. The end is really funny though I wont lie and shows the banter between all 3 of us. Everyone in the studio always knows Tasha has the rule that I am NOT allowed to Tickle her since she is TERRIFIED of me. So Tasha starts (playfully) fighting me off of Layla. It was really fun. But poor Layla was so broken I owe her dinner lmfao. She said that me and Tasha was 100000000X worse that Tasha and Ama Rio. This is a MUST buy for my foot tickling fans. Even if you do not like Nylons this clip is AWESOME I promise.

Length: 10:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla Nylon Hell Pt 2 “Broken Duo”

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