TheTickleRoom – Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1

TheTickleRoom - Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1TheTickleRoom VIP Clips TheTickleRoom - Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1TheTickleRoom VIP Clips

One day in a town where people do not make much money a really smart fetish producer ended up stuck. Well he had a particular hobby and job he loved, to get random women to indulge in his crazy tickling fetish shoots. Well upon seeing his suit and “demeanor” the owner of a particular restaurant wanted him to feel great and spend a LOT of money. So they gave him his OWN area and a beautiful waitress to follow. Well this poor Waitress Layla had no idea how good this man worked people into his fantasies. Realizing her charisma is strong with an amazing smile the man lays down the charm. Layla is mesmerized by the man and the numbers he is throwing down. She could REALLY use that money! So upon talking to a few friends she decided to give him a shot….this would be a mistake for her poor sanity. Layla after work is led to his car to which she gets “tested”. Nervously she gets tickled on her feet with her white tights on. You can hear her hysterical giggles with her soles trying to poke through the white stockings.

Now she is in the stocks having second thoughts but there is no time as he starts removing her sneakers and socks. After a long day at work Laylas feet are SWEATY and she is NERVOUS. As he smells her soles this ALREADY sends her into giggle fits tickling her. Each inhale ignites his excitement more. He tickles her delicate soles as she howls with laughter snorting and already begging. She wants him to STOP begging him to stop saying she has changed her mind. But all he does to handle this is use tape to gag her. Now her begging is on deaf ears as she screams with laughter begging to nothing.

This clip has her keep her white stockings on the whole time but from lickling and sweat you can see her bare soles through it! We are open to actually continuing this series with bare feet if anyone wants to custom for it!

Length: 23:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla The Waitresses Torment Pt 1

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