TheTickleRoom – Layla Tricked “IM NOT TICKLISH”

Layla is a sweet person who tries to love everyone. She attended a party seeing 2 girls she just thought were so stunning Audriana and Tiffany. Well unfortunately for her…..they think she is also stunning BUT they think she is a major rich bitch who needs a lesson while being broken down. Audriana wants Layla to fall into her trap and admit what Audriana has known every time she looks at Layla….that Layla wants Audriana. While spying on poor Layla they create an elaborate scheme to hire a friend to capture and TICKLE Layla to break her down until they arrive. Well he has his own agenda with wanting to MAKE Layla admit how ticklish she is. Layla enters the room thinking this is a run of the mill photo shoot but is quickly confused by how she is being tied up. Reassuring her that this is a kink and art themed shoot she reluctantly allows herself to be locked in. She is nervous about her feet being so tied but she thinks nothing of it….until a finger touches her armpits….before she is even touched you can tell Layla is terrified and tries REALLY hard to hold it in. Audriana knew after seeing Layla get tickled at the party how to break her. The moment her armpits are tickled her resolve falls. When he gets to her delicate sexy feet she is unable to handle it. The fingers dragging on her immobile toes have her hysterical but when he gets the tools poor Layla stands no chance hysterically laughing before admitting “IM TICKLISH PLEASE STOP” but unfortunately for poor Layla the moment he stops is only because the girls….have arrived.

Length: 22:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla Tricked “IM NOT TICKLISH”

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