TheTickleRoom – Lucie Yang You Can’t Escape Now!

So last time I met Lucie Yang was with Megan Jones and it was quick. I had to do a very impromptu shoot and she moved a LOT. Well in THIS time she is LOCKED in and nervous but excited. Lucies energy is unmatched honestly. She is so excited and fun to work with. At first her feet are in THICK socks so I do NOT get a strong reaction but the MOMENT they come off Lucie is a giggling mess. She has BIG and THICK soles and they are SO ticklish. Poor Lucies feet are TIED back by her toes. She is a giggling and cackling mess as I tickle her soft soles with my fingers. Lucie is actually hyper sensitive and every tool sends her cackling and hysterical. She loses her mind with the sexiest laugh trying to get her feet away!

Length: 15:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lucie Yang You Can’t Escape Now!

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