TheTickleRoom – Nellys Audition Lets get those Sneakers off

Well hello there Tickle Room lovers! What a kick off of a year its been eh? So next up lets bring in the highly awaited new comer Nelly! Nelly is a 20 year old latina who is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. She is literally amazing. So I posted her promo and got a HEAVY response to get the clip up for her audition! Well….we almost lost it. A tickle lover could not control himself and went looking for her since he also lived in NY. Being way too creepy for her taste she almost cancelled everything…..but after I hunted the person down and terrified him and then got her the best hot chocolate in Manhattan she came back! So tickle lovers please… my girls through me. Don't message them, its creepy to them even if your intentions are pure! 

So lets get into it! Nelly is 5'7 with slender size 7 feet! So I start off with our simple interview. Standard questions (do you have a question request? Email me and I will add your questions in!). Next we get her into the Tickle Chair. She seems nervous but VERY excited. I start by taking off her sneakers. Now Nelly is a BIG sneaker person. She loves sneakers. So I assumed her feet would be more sensitive than the promo since she took 2 hours to get to me and she came RIGHT after work. So I start with NICE AND SWEATY socks. They were actually pretty wet you can see it. So I tickle her socked feet to my delight! So for my sock lovers out there I gave her feet a heavy sock tickling! But we all know you tickle lovers wanna see bare feet so I tickle her socks off her sexy feet. She giggles and giggles losing breath so often. Eventually we move on to the toe tie tool game! Every tool seems lack luster until…..BOOM the brush oil combo that rarely fails gets a POWERFUL laugh and giggle (brush haters beware :p). By the end of the foot tickling Nelly is spent with RED and RAW feet! 

But we cant stop there! So next up is the upper body. She is slender and so beautiful with a great body. I tickle her abs, rib, and armpits…..but I cant have ALL the fun. So I go get Perla and her nails. She joins and takes her turn attacking Nellys armpits and stomach the most. Needless to say Nelly had a LOT of fun!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1440×1080,, 8220 kbps,  fps
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Download – Nellys Audition Lets get those Sneakers off

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