TheTickleRoom – Sophia The Lawyers Audition “Serious Laughter!”

Here we have the amazing lawyer Sophia! She is 24 years young from Colombia with SOFT and SEXY size 7 feet. We start with the simple interview with Sophia in socks where you can see her toe sweat making its imprint straight off the NYC streets. The moment I start with her socks is SHOCKED staring at her feet in disbelief at the situation. The moment I remove her socks she is SUPER NERVOUS. Her delicate feet are so soft that the moment I graze a finger on them she jumps trying to protect her soles. I have Sophia fully toe tied and now she really cannot get anywhere as my fingers dance on her soles. With fingers Sophia holds off giggling but not bursting. I add some lotion and go faster. Sophia looks more confused giggling quicker but still holding out but her feet are SHAKING. The moment I add all the tools poor Sophia LOSES it bursting with laughter IMMEDIATELY trying to cover her mouth from her unexpected laughter! Sadly it seems this is a one and done thanks to her relationship but lets all appreciate Sophia shooting! Her upperbody was actually not ticklish so this and her foot worship (visit the foot room) are the only videos.

Length: 8:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia The Lawyers Audition “Serious Laughter!”

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