TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Belly Button Hell!

Tiffany is one of the MOST sexy and ticklish models we work with! See the funny thing is many people do not know, remember, or realize that her MOST ticklish area IS her belly button! Her belly button is so intensely sensitive that if you over tickle her she can actually tinkle or puke. Now I found this happy medium that is LITERALLY hell on earth for her without the crazy repercussions just solid really intense hysterical laughter. So we start this video with Tiffany wearing a nice sized ball gag. I go all belly and Tiffany is SO tied up she starts bouncing and then snorts. I laugh and tell her at least the gag is not super tight. I start pulling her pants down and getting her lower belly before BOOM belly button and Tiffany is SCREAMING. But I need more access so I unbutton and pull her pants down. Now more belly button and belly button area tickling. Tiffany is almost crying and snorting like crazy and we JUST started. So from fear of her getting red marks or hurt I add a great moisturizer and go crazy. She is a screaming mess unable to move or fight me. She is literally just howling into the gag with laughter. Now we remove the gag and its fun time. I break out the electric toothbrush and she LOSES it the moment it touches her belly. Then I give a solid zoom in and its ALL belly button. I stay zoomed in for a while before zooming out and showing the absolute hell poor Tiffany is in. She is trying SO hard not to pee and cry but its close. I will say she really did almost pee but we stopped just in time and she RAN to the bathroom. Since then she has HIKED her belly button custom rate through the ROOF.

Length: 17:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiffanys Belly Button Hell!

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