TheTickleRoom – Veronicas Sensory Tickle Hell!

Veronica has been exposed. She is in her workout suit with her catwoman outfit now gone. Misa is all smiles as she has a crew who has been taking it VERY easy on Veronica. Not anymore. Its time for HELL. Veronica could not handle the light touch of all 4 ladies but they are amping it up. Misa and Christina are near her body tickling her ribs, stomach, and armpits BUT at her sensitive soles? The evil Joanne and her cohort Alissa. They waste NO time using their tongues to DESTROY poor Veronica who is HORRIBLY licklish. Alissa is light with her tongue letting her fingers dance on her soles while Joanne is AGGRESIVE sucking all Veronicas toes then with her whole foot in her mouth letting her tongue dance between Veronicas toes.

Veronica is kicking and fighting the whole time. The gag does nothing but hinder her breathing and gather spit as her laugh still comes out POWERFUL as ever from the torment she is enduring. Joanne and Alissa are clearly causing the most tickle hell on poor Veronica. She screams and fights unable to see or say anything but FEELING it all (side note. I leave in a note I leave the models and a break. A lot of people assume some awful things and also think Veronica and some models fake it. Shes not. This is INTENSE for her. Its literally hell but she loves to work with the ladies and me. She is a real trooper but this is a woman who does not get PEDICURES. I WILL say Christina and Alice have a hard time tickling her since they feel REALLY bad. But Joanne and Alissa? They show ZERO mercy and genuinely made poor Veronica actually cry. Which is why I ALSO show the after math of us taking everything off her face and she CLEARLY was in genuine tears. A lot of hugging and awesome after care later. I am using this video to announce that Veronica is fucking crazy enough that she wants to try the 4 hour challenge)

Length: 6:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Sensory Tickle Hell!

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