TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Dia Pt 1 “ITS WORSE NOW!”

So for those who do not know or have never seen Dia she is SUPER ticklish and she HATES IT. She had no idea what tickling was when we met and was instantly nervous when Neko explained it to her. Now its years later and she is a Tickle Room favorite. But this is post the HARSH times we all just endured and she underwent a huge fitness journey and has been caring a LOT more for her feet. Now at 25 years young her size 6 feet are even MORE sensitive than before. This is technically a 7 part series where Dia says its actually WORSE than her 4 hour non stop tickle attempt but we will get there. We start with her test and interview which is available on my . In this video Dia is tied up and ready to get wrecked. I start and Dia IMMEDIATELY starts freaking out. She tries to fight me ‘OH IT IS REALLY BAD, IT IS REALLY BAD its so TICKLING!!!!’ is the exact quote for poor Dia. I wont lie her feet look so GOOD now and she keeps saying ‘its to tickling!!!’ I am a little nice giving her some time before I lotion her soles and speed up ‘OOOO OHOHOHOHOHO O SH&%’ Is all Dia can say before I speed up. She starts losing it squealing, screaming and loudly giggling ‘MY FEEETTTTTT’. Dia is actually more vocal than ever before and you can tell she honestly is truly suffering. I would say her sensitivity level has SKY ROCKETED. Poor Dia is losing it when I use the soft rubber brush. She HYSTERICALLY laughs before going ‘WAIT A SECOND WAIT A SECOND its TOO tickling!!!’ I give her a chance to relax before bringing it back. She loses it again trying to get away only to just whine and squeal. Thats when I bust out the HAND brush. She HYSTERICALLY laughs before ‘I HATE THIS ONE AHAHAHAHA I HATE THIS ONEEEE, O GOD’. Poor Dia is all I can think as she just loses it. Then I break out an old fan favorite of hers. The vibrating egg. She loses her mind flexing her toes and soles to escape only making it WORSE. This is just the beginning of the welcome back for poor Dia.

Length: 8:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Dia Pt 1 “ITS WORSE NOW!”

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