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Celeste is one of Catherine’s more eccentric friends and she is always complaining about participating in the tomboyish activities Catherine wants to do. Today, Catherine just wants to relax and watch the game eating something fresh off the grill but Celeste offered her one of her very best foot rubs if Cat would just try out her new massage chair. Never one to pass up a rubdown, Catherine jumps into the chair and patiently waits for Celeste to set it up. Realizing too late that she is unable to move in this device, Celeste harps on her friend once again for all the times she has been forced to play sports when she would rather paint Cat’s nails. Until her sports fanatic friend agrees to do some more girly activities with her she has devised the best way for them play together. A friendly tickle fight! Only Catherine will have a hard time winning this time because Celeste has her tied up tight in the massage chair. Realizing what a tight spot she is in only fuels Catherine’s competitive spirit as she refuses to give in without a fight. Too bad she is far too ticklish to put up much of a fight in such bondage. Celeste knows all Catherine’s worst spots and quickly goes about reducing her friend to girlish giggles before offering her one last chance to give in to her demands. Catherine refuses before realizing that her helpless feet have been left alone until now and Celeste plans to give those ticklish soles a workout Cat will never forget. They say girls are made of everything nice. I can only assume laughter is the first ingredient on that particular list because ruthless tickling is about to sap Catherine of everything she is made of before she concedes her ticklish toes to Celeste’s plot.

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