TickleAbuse – Ticklish Sole Nightmare

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Kendra told MJ about a recurring dream she has had when she was younger involving a gang of her classmates holding her down and tickling her bare feet relentlessly. She would always wake in a cold sweat right before she peed herself. Needless to say, Kendra was a little apprehensive about being tied up with MJ having complete access to her ticklish soles. She was right to be nervous as MJ gives her no quarter as she tickles her from heel to toes with her nails and the claw as Kendra laughs her head off. She tries to beg but finds herself so overwhelmed with laughter that she can barely speak between gasping for air and cackling. MJ doesn’t neglect Kendra’s upper body either which led to a few cuts as Kendra starts laughing so hard she began to choke. Needless to say the experience of being tickled by MJ brought her worst nightmare to life. Kendra is more than ready to stop by now but MJ wants more time with her cute size 6 feet with her favorite brush so she can be sure to leave Kendra a broken, giggling wreck.

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