TickleCuties – Hogtying the Nerd

TickleCuties - Hogtying the NerdTickleCuties TickleCuties - Hogtying the NerdTickleCuties

4-Eyes the Nerd got her revenge on Amo…but Amo’s friend The Tickler turns the tables on the poor nerd, hogtying her for some punishment. He taunts her and lightly TICKLES THE BACKS OF HER THIGHS as she screams, laughs, and protests. She tries kicking him in the face, but he positions her feet where they can’t reach, and VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER RIBS and DEEP INTO HER HIPS, making the geeky 4-eyes scream and laugh even more. He then begins a WICKED FOOT TICKLING ASSAULT, SCRABBLING HIS FINGERS ALONG THE NERD’S SOFT, BARE FEET. Then, he grabs the HITACHI and VIBRATES 4-EYES’ FEET FOR A FEW MINUTES NON-STOP, which really drives the poor, helpless girl crazy. He teases her verbally, commenting on how helpless she is. After a few more minutes of Hitachi’ing her feet, he then uses the Hitachi on her ribs, and then wedges the vibrator behind her arms against her back, and TICKLES HER SOLES AND TOES AT THE SAME TIME! 4-Eyes screams, laughs, and whimpers at this new torment, and promises to do anything if he’ll just stop…but he doesn’t. He quickly TICKLES HER INNER THIGHS, making 4-Eyes scream , and then makes her promise to give him math lessons in exchange for mercy. 4-Eyes didn’t see this coming at all…by the end of it, she’s a tired, sweaty mess! TONS of good foot close-ups in this one – a great view of 4-Eyes wiggling her cute little toes.

Duration: 7:03.324
Size: 74,157 Mb

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