TickledInk – Chantelle Fox & Hannah Shaw ALL ABOARD part 2 – Hannah

It is Hannah’s turn to be strapped to the Bondage Board, she is a little nervous to say the least so the tickling starts slow, teasing her sides and upper body, working down to her feet, which she is dreading… Chantelle steps in to take the lead and immediately goes for Hannah’s exposed armpits, digging her nails in with glee as Hannah screams and squirms in the straps. It’s pretty much non-stop from there, with Hannah only getting a brief break when Chantelle repositions herself, but she grabs the tickle wand on her way down and goes to work on Hannah’s helpless soles, taking her over the edge! The feathers come out to round things off as screams fade to giggles before a final flurry of fingers across Hannah’s whole body. They kiss and make up at the end of the scene, concluding Chapter One for this devilish duo at Tickled ink, with the pair returning soon to sample the darker side of the studio in Chapter Two…

Length: 9:47
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Chantelle Fox & Hannah Shaw ALL ABOARD part 2 – Hannah

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