TickleIntensive – Casey Suffers

EXTREMELY TICKLISH college cutie Casey is tightly wrapped and strapped to the bed for the worst tickling of her life! THE BONDAGE IS TIGHT and her extra wide size 9 feet are toetied to ensure she can’t move an inch!

Bianca can't wait to destroy this sexy college cutie and her wide soles prove an irresistible target. SHE RAKES HER NAILS UP AND DOWN CASEY'S SENSITIVE FEET causing her squeal with peals of uncontrollable laughter. Baby oil is applied to her sexy soles and she shrieks and cackles with hysteria as Bianca’s sharp fingernails glide across her oiled arches. "OH GOD, HAHAHAHA! PLEASE, STOP!" PLEADS CASEY, BUT THE TICKLING ONLY GETS WORSE! Bianca drags the comb between each of her sensitive toes, making the poor girl bounce up and down on the bed, screaming with hysterical laughter. She makes her cackle like a witch when she traces the wrinkles on her arches, driving her insane with laughter! Casey thinks it can’t get any worse, BUT WHEN THE HAIRBRUSH IS VIGOROUSLY APPLIED TO HER SENSITIVE SOLES, THE INTENSE SENSATION CAUSES HER TO BUCK AND SCREAM AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH HYSTERIA!

Casey is sweaty and panting with exhaustion but Bianca's just getting started. She focuses on her ticklish upperbody next, brutally punishing her armpits, sides, stomach, and hips, TICKLING HER UNTIL SHE'S SHRIEKING WITH HYSTERIA! CASEY TRIES TO BEG, BUT SHE CAN'T CATCH HER BREATH, SHE'S JUST TOO TICKLISH! Her long bouts of desperate cackling steals her breath away and all she can do is laugh hysterically as Bianca torments every square inch of her ticklish upperbody!

Casey is really at the end of her rope, begging Bianca for a break, but the sadistic redhead just laughs at her protests and returns to her most ticklish area – HER BARE FEET! She tickles her feet with her fingernails until she can't take it anymore. THEN, WITH A WICKED GRIN ON HER FACE, BIANCA SWITCHES TO DUAL HAIRBRUSHES AND SCRUBS CASEY'S SOLES UNTIL SHE'S COMPLETELY WRECKED!! She is left tied to the bed covered in sweat and gasping with exhaustion.

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