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TickleIntensive - Dacey DestroyedTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Dacey DestroyedTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Dacey DestroyedTickleIntensive VIP Clips



AGE: 29


The premise here is brutally simple: Dacey’s delighted in tickling tons of gorgeous women. She’s sadistically tickled her victims to the point of tears and sometimes even beyond that. But today, it’s all finally catching up with her and if the truth be told, she deserves it.

Bondage Prep: Dacey’s soles were pedicured two hours before arrival. She’s locked in the stocks TOPLESS, blindfolded, and toetied. Dacey doesn’t know what’s coming or even for how long so she is extremely anxious, adding to her level of sensitivity.

Riot and Onyx get the honor of destroying Dacey – they’ve both been mercilessly tickled by her and have NO TROUBLE RETURNING THE FAVOR! They tickle her freshly pedicured soles with their sharp fingernails, dual combs, dual sticks, dual pinwheels, dual hairbrushes, AND EVEN DUAL VIOLET WANDS!! Poor Dacey is absolutely hysterical from start to finish – she can’t catch her breath, she’s can’t breathe, BUT THE GIRLS JUST DON’T CARE!! There’s no rest, no breaks for the ticklish hottie, just sadistic tickling until she’s dripping with sweat and begging for the tickling to stop! Dacey’s exposed upperbody is also put through the wringer – Riot and Onyx aggressively tickle her pits, TITS, ribs, stomach – even her extremely ticklish thighs and knees don’t escape their sadistic touch!

The girls tickle Dacey until she’s drained of all her energy, gasping for air, begging almost incoherently – AND THEN THEY TICKLE HER SOME MORE JUST TO MAKE SURE SHE REMEMBERS THIS SESSION FOR A LONG TIME! By the time it’s over, her hair and makeup are a mess, the sweat is pouring down, her soles are tickled pink, and her body is covered in scratch marks.

Oh yes, Dacey’s going to remember this for a long time, all right…

2/3 foot tickling. 1/3 upperbody tickling.

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