TickleIntensive – Gang Tickling Surprise

TickleIntensive - Gang Tickling SurpriseTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Gang Tickling SurpriseTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Gang Tickling SurpriseTickleIntensive VIP Clips



AGE: 20s


A gorgeous and VERY ticklish Asian woman is tied to the bed BLINDFOLDED AND COMPLETELY NUDE. She thinks she’s just going to be lightly tickled and teased for this scene, but she’s sorely mistaken – Dacey Harlot, Ari Parker, and Akira are going give her the worst of surprises – A BRUTAL GANG TICKLING!

The scene starts out simple enough – Dacey tickles the woman’s feet with her sharp nails, making her sputter with uncontrollable laughter as her toes are held back and her silky soles are scratched without mercy. Dacey’s soon joined by Akira and BOTH GIRLS PROCEED TO TICKLE THE DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEIR VICTIM’S FEET, using fingernails and dual brushes to make her scream with laughter and beg for a break, but instead of stopping Ari Parker joins the scene to make it a 3-on-1 gang tickling! The blindfolded Asian hottie has NO IDEA what’s coming, and when Ari squeezes her bare sides, she shrieks with surprise and cackles with hysterical laughter, jerking and screaming as her SIDES, STOMACH, PITS, TITS, INNER THIGHS, AND PUSSY ARE ALL VICIOUSLY TICKLED!

The poor girl can only laugh and scream hysterically, squeezing in a few “OH MY GOD!!”s and “STOOOOOPP!”s between bouts of laughter as three sadistic women brutally tickle her from head to toe without any breaks! The only time they stop is to switch positions so everyone has a turn at this Asian hottie’s sexy feet and naked body. Fingernails, combs, and dual brushes are used to explore every inch of her ticklish soles and the girls tickle her upperbody so bad that they leave SCRATCH MARKS ALL OVER HER SIDES, PITS, AND TITS!!

The girls completely destroy this poor woman. By the time it’s over she’s completely wrecked, a puddle of sweat and a mess of hair, her tits jiggling as she gasps with relief. This sensitive Asian hottie will never look at tickling the same way again…

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Duration: 10:15.881
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