TickleIntensive – Scarlett’s Beach Feet

TickleIntensive - Scarlett's Beach FeetTickleIntensive VIP Clips TickleIntensive - Scarlett's Beach FeetTickleIntensive VIP Clips

Age: 32

Foot Size: 7


Scarlett wanted to go on a beach vacation for Memorial Day Weekend, but she’s rolling with the Tickle Intensive crew, and they only visit the beach for one thing – TICKLING! She soon finds herself buried up to her neck in wet, tightly-packed sand. She can’t move an inch and her bare size 7 feet are exposed and toetied.

Kitty tricked Scarlett in being buried with the promise of building a sand castle on top of her, but when Scarlett complains that she’s stuck and she can’t move, Kitty says her arms are tired from burying her, so instead of digging her out, she’d rather tickle Scarlett until she gets herself out of the hole! Of course, the sand is far too heavy, and there’s no way Scarlett can get out by herself! But before she has a chance to protest, Kitty viciously tickles Scarlett’s exposed soles, using her long red nails to scratch at her arches and tickle her vulnerable toes. The helpless hottie bursts into peals of hysterical laugh as her sensitive soles are tickled without mercy, her body shaking and jerking like crazy, but she can’t move an inch so the tickling goes on and on, no breaks!

Scarlett’s sensitive beach feet are tickled until she’s completely wrecked! Kitty uses her fingernails, the comb, and the hairbrush to tickle Scarlett’s sandy soles, driving the sensitive redhead crazy until she’s screaming with laughter! The tickling only stops when her tormenter gets thirsty and leaves her buried on the beach to get herself a drink. Scarlett gasps for air, grateful for the short reprieve… for now.

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Scarlett’s Beach Feet

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