TickleIntensive – Ticklish Step-Sister



AGE: 18


Krystal is Kim’s ticklish younger 18-year-old step-sister. She only came to the shoot to “observe” and watch her step-sister get tickled… but after a LOT of pushing and prodding from her older step-sister Kim, she finds herself agreeing to take a turn in the stocks too!

Dacey gets the honors of popping Krystal’s bondage/tickle cherry and she doesn’t go easy on the new girl – she rakes her soles with her nails to make her laugh and beg, she uses the comb and chopsticks on her soles and between her toes to drive her crazy, and she scrubs her soles with the brush to make her scream! The Violet Wand is also used on Krystal’s sensitive soles and it has a curious effect – it seems to TICKLE AND TURN HER ON AT THE SAME TIME, making her scream with a mixture of laugher and moans as the sparks snap and dance across her silky soles!

This 18-year-old hottie’s upperbody is irresistible and Dacey mercilessly tickles EVERY INCH OF HER EXPOSED SKIN! She tickles her armpits, sides, stomach, and thighs, each area making her victim scream with different patterns of hysterical laughter. In a hot breathy voice Krystal begs for the tickling to stop, EVEN CALLING DACEY A TERRIBLE TEASE, but her pleas are ignored and she receives an even harder tickling for her troubles!

The tickling goes on and on, and by the time session’s finally over, Krystal is gasping with exhaustion, her gasps of relief are punctuated by tiny moans… the tickling turned her on, and you know she’ll be back for more, and maybe a little revenge, too…

2/3 foot tickling. 1/3 upperbody tickling.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Step-Sister

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