TickleInvasion – Regina gets tickled head to toe!

In this 14 minute clip, Maya Sinstress has slave girl regina bound to a St. Andrew’s cross. Sinstress lightly trails her nails up regina’s sides and belly, then her armpits. Regina struggles and yelp immediately. She laughs and squirms as Sinstress digs into her upper body for the first half of the clip. In the second part, Regina is tied to the bondage table and Sinstress continues to lay into her armpits and they works her way down to her ticklish soles. Regina’s whimpering sounds orgasmic. She begs Sinstress to stop when it comes to her ticklish feet. But, she has no luck. Sinstress keeps digging in over and over again while Regina struggles.

Length: 14:01
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Regina gets tickled head to toe!

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