TickleTorture – Elijah Foot Tickle

TickleTorture - Elijah Foot TickleTicklingGuy TickleTorture - Elijah Foot TickleTicklingGuy

Elijah is on the bed, barefoot, with his feet tied down to the footboard. Elijah is extremely ticklish and he’s ready for you to tickle his very nice, size 10.5 feet. You tickle all over his bare feet, up and down his soles, arches, heels and sides of his feet. You tickle under his toes and in between his toes. You start off tickling him with your fingers, then a big green feather. Next, you use the electric toothbrush, which really makes him scream. You show no mercy on him.You finish him off with your fingers.

Duration: 6:47.473
Size: 125,586 Mb

Download – Elijah Foot Tickle

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