TickleTorture – I’m Never Wearing Pantyhose Again

Charlee Chase is wearing a peach dress that shows off her cleavage and nude sheer to waist pantyhose. She is sitting in the purple chair, with her wrists tied with white rope to the sides of the armrests. Her long legs are outstretched in front of her resting on the ottoman, her ankles tied down with rope as well. She knows you are up to something, but she doesn’t know what until you reach out and begin tickling her big sensitive feet! You already know how sensitive her feet are but they are even more sensitive in her stockings. She squeals with laughter as you run your fingers up and down her soles, dig your fingers in between her toes, and rake your nails up and down the bottom of her silky feet. Charlee exclaims, ‘I am never wearing pantyhose again!’ She squiggles and squirms but cannot break free of her bondage. You take full advantage of her bound feet while you can. You try using a soft feather, but that doesn’t elicit much of a reaction until you turn it around and start poking her pantyhose covered feet with the other side of it. Next, you try a toothbrush, running it up and down big sexy souls, over her heels, on top of an in between her toes, and even on top of her feet. You finish her off by your fingers again.

Length: 5:41
Resolution: 1080×1920

Download – I’m Never Wearing Pantyhose Again

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