TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Amiche per il solletico ai piedi – foot-tickle friends

Lilibayle goes to see Gisy in the office … in reality it is Gisy who asked her to come by … because she knows that she has new irresistible shoes, which instigate her to tickle … And lily does not put up too much resistance, even if she really has to endure the effort of not laughing and staying in balance while being tickled … when she just can’t resist anymore she bursts out laughing and at that point I’ll be Lilibayle to offer Gisy an aperitif … but the day is not over and on the way back …

LiliBayle is on the phone with a friend of hers sitting on the sofa, you come and sit next to her, she rests her legs on yours, beckoning you to give her a foot massage. She initially starts with the massage but then she beckons you for a light tickle. You start with tickling.

She takes off her shoes (about 5 minutes later) and you start tickling her more intensely. All this while LiliBayle is always on her phone trying to hide the tickle you’re tickling her.
When she can’t resist anymore she is for- to confess to her friend about her situation, begging you to stop.
Shortly after the video half, you receive a phone call, LiliBayle obviously takes the opportunity to take revenge by taking your feet, taking off your shoes and tickling you while you try to hide it!

For both videos I ask you LiliBayle with her shoes, light light stockings and black pants (exactly like in the previous video ), you with light stockings.

Length: 30:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Amiche per il solletico ai piedi – foot-tickle friends

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