TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – An employee to be tested

Valerie is standing looking at her phone, Ariane comes into the office and wants to ask her something, but Valerie says she doesn’t have time now. Ariane approaches her feet and begins to caress them, tickling them lightly, inserting her toes into the shoe. Valerie says she doesn’t feel ticklish, she doesn’t suffer from it. Ariane takes Valerie’s shoes off and starts tickling along the sole. Valerie receives an important call, she can’t be distracted! Ariane of course continues with the tickling under both feet. At this point Eleonore comes in and sees the situation, so she decides to test Ariane as well with Valerie, makes her get up and tells her to stay close to Valerie. Eleonore bends down and crosses Valerie’s feet, tickling more intensely, the girl has to stay focused on the phone call, she can’t laugh, but soon she can’t resist anymore and bursts out laughing, she then hands the phone to Ariane asking her to continue. Eleonore then begins to tickle Ariane, while she is on the phone. Valerie can’t resist the temptation, she also bends down and together with Eleonore they tickle, each under one foot, Ariane who tries to continue the phone call without laughing, but soon she too gives in laughing very loud. At this point Ariane and Eleonore point out to Valerie that she couldn’t resist, but she blames the phone call for it, so she gets back on tiptoe, crosses her legs and challenges the two girls to try again. Will she resist this time?

Length: 25:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – An employee to be tested

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