TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Belly tickling situation #2

Pamela is tied up as immobile (her arms and legs possibly plastic wrapped to the massage table) with her belly, upper body — and especially her belly — left completely exposed. Eleonore stands next to her with a mischievous smile. Eleonore then starts poking Pamela’s tummy while asking her a series of questions: “Are you really ticklish? Do you get tickled a lot? Who usually tickles you? Do you love or hate to be tickled?” Then it comes the time to rate techniques and locations. Eleonore tells Pamela to tell her on a scale of 1 to 10 how much it tickles when she does this and proceeds to tickle her belly with fingers. She continues by poking her, kneading her ribs, tickling her belly button and hips and sides, and sometimes feet (I appreciate if occasionally there could be tickling done with the mouth on the belly, like raspberry). Never moving from one spot until she’s gotten her rating. “What about when I do this? How bad does it tickle here? If you want me to stop you have to tell how much it tickles!” After a while, Eleonore stops asking for ratings and instead goes all out on Pamela’s stomach, navel and armpits tickling it furiously and telling her that she has to admit that she loves it. Even if Pamela admits it, however, Eleonore doesn’t stop, but after the questionnaire and the test, now Eleonore will have the same treatment, and you know, Pamela is quite vindictive.”

Length: 37:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Belly tickling situation #2

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