TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – The rich girl’s code

Models – Valerie and Ammalia.

Clothing – Comfortable pants, shirt, sneakers or shoes and socks at the beginning.

Device – Would love the setup in the picture below. Straight jacket on top, ropes/wrapping. But no blind fold (I want to see the face). Maybe add a pillow to raise the head more? or just raise the back

Camera – Fixed camera low and close to the feet but able to see both faces and the setup (like picture below from one of your other videos).

Acting and tickling : I would love to see Valerie wiggle and move (struggling) a little before and during the tickling. I love slow sensual tickling torment with one or two fingers and small brushes. I love when the tickler keeps looking at the ticklee for their reaction to the tickling. I also love when the tickler occasionally grabs and holds the ankles/heels while tickling with other hand. (or arm lock on both ankles). I love when the ticklee switches between laughing and sometimes affliction.

Story background (Not in video):

Ammalia is a criminal who knows Valerie is a rich/wealthy woman. She becomes Valerie’s friend to try to steal from her. But even if she steals Valerie’s phone, she doesn’t know the unlock code or bank passwords. Howerver Ammelia has a plan. She invites Valerie to her house.

Opening Scene:

Valerie arrives at Ammelia’s house. Ammelia is very nice to Valerie and they talk about common interests but at some point, Ammelia gives Valerie a a tired drink and Valerie falls

Main Scene:

When Valerie is Ammalia wraps her up on a table. Valerie wakes up and tries to wiggle and move to get free but cannot. Ammalia shows up and asks Valerie for her for her phone code. But Valerie refuses and won’t give it to her. “No I’ll never give you my phone code”

Ammelia then gets an idea to remove one of Valerie’s sneaker/shoe and sock and use one finger to slowly tickle Valerie’s foot as a test. Valerie is ticklish and laughs but says “OK Can we talk about this can you release me and we can work out a deal/agreement”. But Ammelia will not let her go until she gets the code.

Ammalia uses one finger and a very small brush to slowly tickle torment her foot and toes. Valerie laughs and giggles but it takes a while before she gives the code. Then Ammelia has to get the bank passwords so she has to remove another shoe/sneaker and sock and tickles the other foot.

Length: 16:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The rich girl’s code

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